The Apparel Salesmen’s Markets Inc. (ASM/MRV) is an association of professional manufacturing agents who represents several hundred companies, men's, women's and accessoiries, to specialized boutiques across Canada.


The ASM/MRV was founded back in 1956 by sales representatives who felt the need to gather their expertise and effort by rallying people behind a common goal: offer a better service to retailers.


The primary mission of the ASM/MRV is to organize buyers' fairs and give members and retailers a chance to meet in an optimum environnement and create new business relationships. 


The ASM/MRV holds four buyers’ fairs per year: two for the spring-summer season and two for the fall-winter season. These fairs facilitate and maximize time by bringing together a large number of suppliers and buyers under one roof.


By remaining united and continuing to help each other, the members of the association have built up a strong organization which, over the years, has allowed us to fulfill the needs of each and everyone.



  • The fairs are open to all retail buyers; click here: Attendees
  • If you are a representative, click here: Exhibitors 


We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Pour toutes informations : T. (450) 965-9795      F. (450) 965-8581      info@asmmrv.com